god has no mercy

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Site still very much W.I.P, expect shit to break especially on mobile, thank you in advance

I have to add, this site is HIGHLY interactive, everything is here for a reason and so you can click on just about anything, have fun exploring!!!

Also look in the top left corner there's a cat click on the cat you know you want to click on the cat

All sites linked from here under the memer.online domain I tried to make look different and unique, please give me any and all feedback!

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``` From the hills of Dusk's End to the small alleys of Main Street, you feel drawn to the lights of this vibrant metropolis in an uncharted internet territory. The sign reads "Nightfall". ```
This site is open source on my github, feel free to take inspiration from it! since I did so as well from other sites
music  x
My favourite genre of music is breakcore(as well as anything related to it such as DnB and jungle), and by breakcore I don't mean artists like Sewerslvt or Goreshit, while I do enjoy them, they more fall under the DnB category (Goreshit DOES make breakcore but he's more of a variety artist)

I'm more of a fan of old-gen breakcore/breakcore where they actually honor the meaning of the word, some of my fav artists are hkmori, Yem, Venetian Snares and more recently Nacho
homebrew  x

I could go on all day about how much I love homebrew and how I would recommend it to ANYONE (especially anyone with an old console like the ds/3ds family of consoles), but instead let me just list points as to why I think people should homebrew

  ➥ "Ease of access" to games
  ➥ Able to run custom games
  ➥ Easy to do and opens up a TON of customizibility
  ➥ Street cred
webmaster  x

Hello, this is the webmaster, here to say a few things about myself

Who am I

Hi, my name is memer / memerr / memerguy / memerguyy, or at least that's how I go by online. I'm polish, currently studying programming, and this website is kinda a hobby project (since HTML isnt really related to programming)

How do I look like

While I won't put a picture of myself for obvious reasons, I'll still describe myself.

I'm around 165cm, wear glasses, have medium length brown hair, relatively clear skin, and I'm also incredibly skinny


I'm heavily interested in League, Minecraft, Ultrakill and as of *very* recently Lethal Company, I could go on all day about how much I love that game but I don't wanna take up the whole page with it lol and I also really like foxgirls

other things!! x